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Carl Schreiber, whose favorite candy bar is the TWIX, was recently cast in a selected to understudy Jon Voight who will be playing himself in the New Line Cinema production, “Childhood–The Unauthorized Story of Maddox Jolie-Pitt.” As an understudy in this high production value docudrama, Carl will draw upon his past experience as the lead in the independent feature "Life Without", for which he was nominated twice as Best Leading Actor. This film was also the recipient of the Best Picture award in numerous film festivals all over the country.

He will also apply the acting skills he developed as a student of the Meisner, Method, and Stella Adler techniques, and from his extensive on-camera experience. One of his most notable appearances was a recurring role on the hit soap opera "The Young and The Restless."

Although typically cast as the charming, funny boy-next-door, or sarcastic, intellectual police detective, during a recent press junket David Mamet, who co-authored the Maddox’s story, had this to say about Carl, “The dialog I create is often explicit in nature. During casting calls Carl demonstrated such a masterful command of the profane we thought he was suffering from Turrets Syndrome. We concluded as a martial arts black belt, Carl will be able travel to and from our filming location in relative safety.” (note: sarcasm, unfortunately David did not write this about me...but he would.)

To pay for his Acting lessons and skin care products, Carl works as a home loan advisor (helping people buy their dream house, or refinance). If you decide to cast Carl in your production, he may require you to forge a note from his primary care physician as last month he ran out of hair gel and was forced to utilize all of his accrued sick leave.

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